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INTERLEASING Ihr Fuhrparkspezialist ab dem 1. Fahrzeug

Your fleet specialist from the 1st vehicle



For me, it is not only in national and international tenders that you are mobile with INTERLEASING in a cost-optimized manner , this is also my goal for our sole traders and SME customers.

If you have a vehicle or more, you are our fleet customer at INTERLEASING .

Nadine Lugmayr, leasing consultant

Our services

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Leasing with a rental character

Here the focus is on use and not ownership.

Full-Service Leasing

One rate - everything included!
Planning security without risk including maintenance, wear, and much more.

Residual value leasing

Spread the purchase costs of the vehicle comfortably over the term.

Fleet management

The building blocks for simplifying, planning, monitoring and controlling your vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

From how many vehicles can I become a customer?

All of our leasing options and modules from fleet management are available to you from just one vehicle. Our service is not based on the number of your vehicles but on your needs. INTERLEASING is your partner from the 1st vehicle.

Why should I lease and not buy or finance?

When leasing a car, your own funds = liquidity are spared. The costs, leasing rate and ongoing operating costs are evenly distributed over the term and are therefore easy to plan. In addition, these are counted as operating expenses and are therefore tax deductible.

What are the advantages of full service leasing?

In addition to financing, INTERLEASING also assumes the cost risk in the area of maintenance and wear. The product is rounded off by cost-effective fleet insurance and fuel cards with acceptance across Europe. All invoices come from a single source, so we reduce our customers' administrative expenses in the automotive sector by an average of 7 times.

What distinguishes Interleasing from other leasing companies in Austria?

Personality is very important to us!

Individual solutions for each of our customers.

A permanent contact for all matters.

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Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday

07:30 - 16:30


07:30 - 12:00

Wildbergstraße 8b, 4040 Linz, Austria

+43 732 735015

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