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International partner


Nadine Lugmayr, Leasing Consultant

International fleet solution


Internationally, we cooperate closely with "Athlon International" ( ) and their national partners. The coordination center in Brussels is available to our international customers.



Do you have employees in Austria but no on-site premises?


We have developed a unique solution for precisely this case.


Thanks to years of cooperation with Athlon Car Lease International and the German Chamber of Commerce in Austria, we can offer solutions in 19 countries

offer for you, such as:


  • Companies that need vehicles for their employees in Austria (Austrian registration)

  • Austrian companies that want to export and register abroad



Here, too, INTERLEASING is your only point of contact and the billing is done via INTERLEASING (Revers Charge).




Interleasing, Athlon
Interleasing, Deutsche Handelskammer
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