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Service and Maintenance


Harald Klambauer, Sales Manager

With our maintenance contract (closed or open) you benefit from cashless processing in the workshops with your INTERLEASING Card.


Our technical department releases the repair requests from vehicle and contract workshops and can therefore check for plausibility, necessity and economy.


Closed maintenance (fixed)

INTERLEASING bears the risk , no offsetting:


  • Fixed maintenance costs for the entire term

  • No offsetting at additional costs of the repair work

  • Document storage for the legal duration


Open maintenance (target / actual costs):


  • Fixed maintenance costs for the entire term

  • Fair target / actual costs billing at the end of the contract


Service description service (in authorized workshops):


  • Inspections according to manufacturer's instructions (including engine oil, brake fluid, window cleaner)

  • Review §57a

  • Wear repairs (brakes, cardan shaft sleeves, lamps, wiper blades, ...)

  • Mobility guarantee

  • and much more


Service description maintenance (in authorized vehicle workshops):


  • Engine repairs (including attachments and additional units)

  • Gearbox repairs (e.g. manual gearbox, DSG, all-wheel drive)

  • Electrics (e.g. control units, window regulators, battery)

  • Chassis repairs (e.g. track joints, shock absorbers, wheel bearings)

  • and much more



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